Episode 6 “The one where Shane joined”


Gay Priests well seminarians in Priest school Maynooth and another Catholic church internal ahem investigation

New segment “oh my God its Shane” where Shane brings a news headline from somewhere around the world and I try to come up with a story for said headline

Sponsor “Tap Water”



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Episode 5 “The one that offended me!”


Sex Robots will be used as commonly as porn!


People are easily offended

Pokémon Go!Again? For fuck sake we should all just drop this already,the Pokémon Go! players seem to me to be victims of natural selction,you know with walking of cliffs and into cars….

Blacks of Kinsale Overkill Black Imperial IPA

Dad Jokes

Next week Shane?

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oh My God it’s Shane

Coming Next week to Podcast9 From Outer Space, is a new segment with artist Shane Finan (an image from his last exhibition is the featured image)

Shane will be bringing a piece of news from somewhere in the world that I don’t know about and I will be trying to decipher what the story is from the headline

As a little taster I have attached Shanes very own theme music

Our next episode, episode 5 will be released Sunday 8pm

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