Episode 7 Out now

Episode 7 of Ireland’s most popular  comedy news podcast is out now on itunes and Stitcher

This is possibly the funniest podcast in the world if you have any doubts this is true, just read these quotes I made up

“The Chicken Flavoured Alien Sex Cyborg is possibly the shortest funniest episode  of a news podcast this side of the Atlantic”                                   The New York Times (if by New York Times you mean that public toilet wall I just wrote it in)

“Host John has the sexiest voice on the internet since Tay Zon Day”             Rolling Stone Magazine (after I wrote it in Sharpie and then didnt buy it)


Episode 6 Out Now

Episode 6 available now on stitcher and iTunes or Download it right here

Episode 6 Features Gay Seminarians and the ridiculousness of the catholic church investigating themselves again

And our new segment with artist  Shane Finan “Oh my God its Shane” where Shane brings me a news headline from somewhere in the world and I have to tell the whole story from just the headline


oh My God it’s Shane

Coming Next week to Podcast9 From Outer Space, is a new segment with artist Shane Finan (an image from his last exhibition is the featured image)

Shane will be bringing a piece of news from somewhere in the world that I don’t know about and I will be trying to decipher what the story is from the headline

As a little taster I have attached Shanes very own theme music

Our next episode, episode 5 will be released Sunday 8pm